This project intended to express a mutual feeling.

The feeling that the world we live in, as a society, is bringing many of us in a wrong direction. A vicious pattern as this tumult is slowly, unconsciously drifting us away from simple essential, universal principles. The complexification of our ways of life, the space taken by mental, self-centred beliefs, is dangerously leading us to a loss of meaning, and a deep loss of faith.

One of the first steps to extract ourselves from this loop, is to take a moment, and leave space for silence, and contemplation.


Original idea Coline Benninger

Written & directed by Claudia Lederer

Camera Claudia Lederer

Camera 2 Craig Paterson

Music Yu Lin Hum

Rider Coline Benninger

Official Selection IF3 – International Freeride Festival 2023

© Claudia Lederer 2023