Date: April 2016

Length : 11:16

Location: All the way from France to the south of Portugal.

With: Lee-Ann Curren, Margaux-Aramon-Tucoo, Sam Partaix & Victor Pellegrin

#RADIOCAMPING started with the idea of a road trip bringing together skateboarders & surfers. This idea materialized and we took the road in camper-van, with 2 surfers girl: Lee-Ann Curren, Margaux-Arramon-Tucoo and 2 skateboarders: Sam Partaix & Victor Pellegrin.

We drove to Lisbon and in the Algarve region, south of Portugal, in amazing surf spots from Carcavelos to Zavial, stopping at Ericeira, Beliche, Arrifana.

I faced the challenge to handle, alone, video as well as photography during this 10 days trip. I realized that 10 days is very short to get enough legit surf & skate footage, enough to produce a video and also to use in magazines (check photos in the Hotdogger Magazine and my gallery there). There is no need to say that I came back exhausted from this amazing trip. It was also the very first time I was ever shooting skateboarding.

This video was thought and realised with the RADIOCAMPING vibe. What does it means ? Fun, warm & mellow, wearing flip flops & getting sunburnt.

I edited it like a mini road movie which goes by skipping through atmosphere & adventures like you skip radio stations. Again, I wanted it warm, not too serious, and entertaining.

Many thanks to Yescapa (it’s Airbnb but for camper vans) for their full support, as well as Vans Europe (thank you Mikel Urigoitia), Woll Beer, Hotdogger Magazine, (July 2016 issue), Helder Supply Store (photo exhibition taking place the Biarritz Grande Plage until July 22th 2016).

This trip would never have been the same without Olivier & Yuki (thank you again for your hospitality in Lisbon), and Joao ‘Brek’ Bracourt for his precious help & local knowledge.



#RADIOCAMPING, c’est l’histoire d’un trip au Portugal en camping-car entre copains, 2 surfeuses et 2 skateurs – Lee-Ann Curren, Margaux-Aramon-Tucoo, Sam Partaix & Victor Pellegrin.

Les images ont été tournées autour de Lisbonne et dans la region de l’Algarve au Sud du Portugal, de Carcavelos a Zavial, en passant par Ericeira, Beliche, et Arrifana.

Cette video, entièrement produite par Claudia Lederer a été pensée et réalisée dans l’esprit RADIOCAMPING, un mini-film qui ne se prend pas au serieux, et qui passe un peu comme on écoute la radio, en changeant de chaine comme on change d’atmosphère et d’escale.

Un grand merci à Yescapa pour leur soutien, ainsi qu’à Vans Europe, Mikel Urigoitia, Woll Beer, Hotdogger Magazine, (retrouvez nous dans le prochain numero de Juillet 2016), Helder Supply Store (expo photo jusqu’au 22 juillet à la boutique de la Grande Plage de Biarritz) et sur place Olivier & Yuki, Joao ‘Brek’ Bracourt.



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